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Welcome to the 2nd Annual City of Tontitown Bocce Tournament! The tournament is scheduled for Saturday September 16th starting at 9:00 am.


Please download the attached registration form below, and complete the information for your 2-person team. The registration fee is $25.00 per team. First Place will receive a trophy and a check for $600.00 and 2nd Place will receive a trophy and a check for $300! 

We will be playing by simple rules. Referees will be other team members. Play will go to 15. One point for the ball closest to the pallino. If all 4 of your balls are closest to the pallino then you earn double points. You may take up to 3 steps to throw. Balls can be played off of the walls and backboard but must stay inside of the court lines. The idea is to have lots of fun and socialize with other players! Please bring your own refreshments and snacks. No alcohol allowed.

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