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This section contains current relevant information for citizens of Tontitown. Current Public Hearing Notices are listed in this section. 

Now available, "So Big, This Little Place", a history book of Tontitown...

The City of Tontitown is currently accepting statements of qualifications, performance data and contract pricing from firms engaged in the lawful practice of the following profession that will be utilized during the remainder of 2017, all of 2018 and 2019: Copier/printing equipment and services. We ask for pricing of both lease and purchase of equipment, black and color copy pricing and any additional services that may be required. Applicants may come by our office to view current equipment for accurate pricing. We wish to be able to add additional equipment as needed. Please submit your package before September 29, 2017. Mail to City of Tontitown, PO Box 305, Tontitown, AR 72770 Attn: Lori Bolen. Packages may also be dropped off at our office located at 201 E. Henri de Tonti Blvd in Tontitown.

Planning Board Member

All citizens of Tontitown are encouraged to apply for a position on the Planning Board.  These positions are staggered between one and two year long positions.  Being a member of the Board requires you to attend 1 meeting per month.  There is no compensation for this position.  The Board oversees the zoning and future planning areas within the city.  They are responsible for approving lot splits, rezoning, new building, city codes and writing ordinances pertaining to these issues. 


History Books:


Tontitown GIS

gisTo access Tontitown's GIS data files for use in Google Earth. . .


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request24/7 Online Request Center... If you have a report, complaint or suggestion,


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epayYou can pay your water bill online safely by using our SOFTePAY system.


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