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Public Notices

This section contains current relevant information for citizens of Tontitown. Current Public Hearing Notices are listed in this section. 

William E Green: Sondra J McCurdy has requested The Tontitown Planning Commission to set a public hearing date to consider rezoning the following property from

A1- Agriculture to R-3 Single Family Residential  9 Parcels totaling 33.48 Acres + / -

The legal description of the property is as follows:

Parcel # 830-37975-000 Legal:  PT SE SE 11.39 A ANNEXED FOR 2000 PER ORD. NO. 141

Parcel # 830-37975-002 Legal:  PT SE SE 6.09 A

Parcel # 830-37975-003 Legal:  PT SE SE 6.09 A

Parcel # 830-37971-000 Legal:  PT SW SW 2.26A ANNEXED FOR 2000 PER ORD. NO. 141

Parcel # 830-37971-002  Legal:  PT SW SW 1.26 A

Parcel # 830-37971-003 Legal:  PT SW SW 1.20 A

Parcel # 830-37971-004 Legal:  PT SW SW 1.14 A

Parcel # 830-37971-005 Legal:  PT SW SW 1.98A

Parcel # 830-37971-006   Legal:  PT SW SW 2.07A

The common description of the property is:   Unaddressed Parcel on N Ardemagni Road.

Proposed land use: Single Family Residential

The public hearing will be held July 25th, 2017, at 7:00 p.m. It will be held at Tontitown City Hall, 235 E. Henri DeTonti Blvd.

Planning Board Member

All citizens of Tontitown are encouraged to apply for a position on the Planning Board.  These positions are staggered between one and two year long positions.  Being a member of the Board requires you to attend 1 meeting per month.  There is no compensation for this position.  The Board oversees the zoning and future planning areas within the city.  They are responsible for approving lot splits, rezoning, new building, city codes and writing ordinances pertaining to these issues. 


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