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Commercial Plan Review Outline

1. Plan Submittal

  • Will need to establish the review fee from the permit clerk at the front desk. The fee is based on the valuation of the complete project.
  • Will need to obtain a plan review permit, pay the fee and submit three sets of scalable plans.
  • If the valuation of the project is greater than $75,000.00 the plans will need to be produced, sealed and signed by an Arkansas certified design professional. This will include architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing
  • Any projects that include plumbing work will also need to be submitted to the Arkansas Department of Health for review and approval. This will be the plumbing portion only.

2. The Plan Review

  • Plans will be reviewed on a first come first serve basis.
  • The plan review will normally take 2 to 3 weeks depending on the complexity ofthe project.
  • Smaller projects like tenant finish outs, etc., can normally be worked in on a faster time line.
  • Typically upon completion of the plan review a comment letter is generated listing items that do not meet the requirements of the code. The letter is sent to the design professional or the author of the plans for revisions or clarification. On occasion a second round of comments are sent out based on the original response not satisfying all items on the first letter.
  • To achieve complete approval for permit the approval letter from the ArkansasDepartment of Health and the Tontitown Planning Department approval must be obtained. After all the above has been completed a permit approval letter will be sent out indicating your project's permit is approved for issuance.

3. Complying with the approved plans.

  • One set of approved plans marked "Site Plan" will be given to the recipient of the permit. This set shall be used to construct the building and kept at the job site for the duration of the project.
  • Any deviation from the approved set of "Site Plans" must be submitted and approved prior to the changed work being performed.

4. Compliance with the code.

  • As trained professionals we make every effort to find all code infractions duringthe review process. However, the possibility exists that on rare occasion we may overlook a code item on a review. If this item is discovered during the regular job site inspections and represents a life safety issue it will be required to meet the intent of the code.

Zoning regulations can be found HERE.

Building Code Worksheet

City of Tontitown Adopted Codes:

  • 2012 Arkansas Fire Prevention Code Vol. I (2006 IFC w/ Arkansas Amendments)
  • 2012 Arkansas Fire Prevention Code Vol. II (2006 IBC w/ Arkansas Amendments)
  • 2012 Arkansas Fire Prevention Code Vol. III (2006 IRC w/ Arkansas Amendments)
  • 2010 Arkansas Mechanical Code (AMC)
  • 2006 Arkansas Plumbing Code (APC)
  • 2006 Arkansas Fuel Gas Code (AFGC)
  • 2008 National Electric Code (NEC)
  • 2012 Arkansas Energy Code (AEC)
  • 2012 Existing Building Code
  • 2003 ANSI A117.1
  • NFPA (as applicable)
  • City of Tontitown Adopted Ordinances
  • Life Safety Codes (LSC) (as referenced by IBC)

Design Requirements for the City of Tontitown:

  • Ground Snow Load: 15 pst
  • Design Wind Speed: 90 mph
  • Seismic Zone: B
  • Rainfall Intensity/Roof Drainage: 3.6 inches/hr.

This form details the minimum information we need in order to review your project for compliance with the building codes. To begin your review, we require that this worksheet be completed and turned in with your Building Permit application.

You are required to include the necessary full sized sheet(s) with the drawing set, detailing the information.

The code summary is required to be an integral part of the drawings.

Floor Plans

Provide a basic floor plan for each level, showing partitions, stairs, doors with door swings, relites, fixtures, etc.

Minimum scale is 1/8” – 1’-0”

  1. Clearly label the following:a. Use of each room or area (i.e. offices, sales, conference, kitchen, manufacturing, etc.)b. IBC Occupancy classification for each room or area and floorc. Square footage of floor area of each room or aread. Occupant load factor used for each room or area and floore. Occupant load of each room or area and floor
  2. Provide a total occupant load summary for each floor or level.
  3. Clearly show all actual and assumed property lines, including those required by IBC 704.3.
  4. Graphically show the extent and rating of all rated assemblies both vertical and horizontal, include the rating of any required opening protection.
  5. Clearly show a complete Means of Egress path, including the width, common path or travel, travel distance, diagonal distance of exits, exit signs and all required exits.
  6. Indicate any doors that are provided with panic hardware and/or magnetic hold-opens.
  7. Provide accessible information of site and all parts of the building

Multi-Family Dwelling Permit Application

Commercial Addition Permit Application

New Commercial/Industrial Permit Application


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