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Why Start A Business in Tontitown?

Location, location, location!
Tontitown is strategically located on U.S. Highway 412 and scenic Arkansas Highway 112, near Interstate 540, and is just a few miles from Bentonville, Springdale, and Fayetteville. The Northwest Arkansas Airport — with direct connections to Dallas-Fort Worth, New York-La Guardia, Chicago-O’Hare, and other major destinations and hubs — is just a few miles up the road.

 Money talks, the rest walks.

Tontitown encourages new and on-going businesses with one of the lowest licensing rates in Northwest Arkansas. We’ve also got some of the lowest property taxes in Northwest Arkansas.

Service with a smile.
Tontitown has a service-oriented, people-friendly City government. We’ve got a great water system, with wastewater disposal in the advanced planning stages. Our volunteer fire department is noted for its excellence of equipment, training and performance. Tontitown boasts fine schools, a new Post Office, state-of-the-art hospitals, two financial institutions (with a third on the way).

Amenities—Got to have ’em!
The City of Tontitown has a great public park, with cool playground equipment, baseball diamonds, tennis and bocce ball courts, bar-b-ques and picnic tables, and a walking trail that winds through the trees and play areas. We’ve got some mighty fine eatin’ round these parts, with great Italian and Mexican food restaurants. Tontitown is close to the major recreation areas of the Ozarks, with their fine fishing holes, camping grounds and hiking trails. And if you like to shop you’ll be in hog heaven with all the antique malls in Tontitown.

Rules & Regs—Got to have them, too!
Drop us an email to request an application for a business license, or with any questions you might have about building or doing business in Tontitown. Or, access Tontitown’s business, construction, and zoning regulations HERE.

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