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Non-Emergency Fire & EMS Dispatch: 479- 439-3578 

Emergency Fire & EMS Dispatch: 9-1-1


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At this very moment there are thousands of communities across the country, including our very own Tontitown Fire Department, a small group of volunteers standing ready to respond at the sound of a siren's wail, or the urgent tones of a radio or pager. These ordinary men and women immediately set aside whatever they are doing, shift out of the routine of daily life, and become the protectors of their local communities. They are part of one of America's great traditions, they are volunteer firefighters. These amazing people assume the role of first responders to a range of emergencies that threaten lives and property, routinely risking their own to protect others. 

Active membership in any volunteer fire company requires tremendous personal commitment and determination, in addition to accepting the inherent risks and inconvenience of responding to other people's emergencies, whenever they may occur. The volunteer has to participate in extensive and ongoing training to develop and maintain a wide variety of skills. Mandatory training requirements have increased tremendously, therefor, the volunteers who want to assume leadership positions and become officers must make an even greater commitment. 

 The Tontitown Fire Department has institued a burn permit for any outdoor non-recreational burning on November 4, 2014,if you would like to see the City Ordinance please Click Here.



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gisTo access Tontitown's GIS data files for use in Google Earth. . .


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epayYou can pay your water bill online safely by using our SOFTePAY system.


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