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There are multiple ways you can pay your water bill.



You can now pay your Tontitown Water and Sewer bill ONLINE! Click the SOFT E-PAY button below to access our secure online payment system.

Follow the instructions on the site to register for our online billing services.

SOFTelPay Fees  Effective 01/01/2013

Payment Amount:      Convenience Fee

    $0 - $30.00                  $1.95     

$30.01 - $60.00          $2.95

$60.01 - $90.00          $3.95

$90.01 - $120.00        $4.95

$120.01 - $150.00      $5.95

$150.01 - $180.00      $6.95

$180.01 - $210.00      $7.95

$210.01 and Above - 4% of payment Amount


Auto Debit from you bank account.

Auto Debit Authorization Form:  Bank Draft Form


Of course, you can still mail or drop your payment off at our offices or night drop if you prefer.

You can find us with the contact information listed below.

If you have any questions about payment, please feel free to contact us:

201 E Henri de Tonti Blvd
P.O. Box 127
Tontitown, AR 72770

Phone: 479-361-2700

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gisTo access Tontitown's GIS data files for use in Google Earth. . .


Request Center

request24/7 Online Request Center... If you have a report, complaint or suggestion,


Pay Your Bill

epayYou can pay your water bill online safely by using our SOFTePAY system.


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